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Byzantine and post-byzantine law: Ruptures, continuities and repercussions in the modern legal reality


Wednesday, 28th of November 2018 - East Wing of the Academy of Athens building         Programme & invitation



Κέντρο Βυζαντινών Ερευνών ΑΠΘ - Seminar on Byzantine law 2018-9:  "Gender and law in Byzantine and post-byzantine era"



20th Annual Meeting of Legal Historians  

Komotini, 12-13 May 2018                    Programme


Byzantine and post-byzantine law: Ruptures, continuities and repercussions in the modern legal reality


Wednesday, 7th of March 2018 - East Wing of the Academy of Athens building         Invitation & programme


Book and Libraries from the ancient to the modern world

Athens, Law Library, December 11th, 2017

Invitation and programme


International Conference Greek Drama, Law and Politics

    (Thessaloniki - Komotini, 25 - 27 May 2017)

                 Programme       Invitation


Contact: Maria Youni ( )

              Kalliopi Papaconstantinou ( )



Historical trials series, Thursday, May 11th      Invitation


Change of programme in the series

Historical trials, Friday March 3rd, 2017      Invitation


Κέντρο Βυζαντινών Ερευνών ΑΠΘ

Seminar on Byzantine law 2016-7                   Programme

"Institutions of Byzantine and post-byzantine, public and private law


About turkish-occupied Epirus (Για την τουρκοκρατούμενη Ήπειρο)

November 7th, 2016, 18.30 p.m.

EHM Building - K.Katsaris Hall

Paraskevopoulou 4, Ioannina       Invitation


October 2016  -  May 2017

Historical trials, Faculty of Law - Αristotelian University of Thessaloniki                   Programme


15-16 October 2016

19th annual meeting of Greek legal historians, Komotini

Faculty of Law, Democritus University of Thrace      Programme


3 October 2016

Invitation to a presentation Legal History: Present & Future

Hall of EPLO, Polygnotou 2, Plaka - Rhomaike Agora                  Invitation


8-9 September 2016

Vth meeting of Young Legal Historians of Ancient Greek Law

The Athens University History Museum, Tholou 5, Plaka

Programme and Abstracts             Plan of the area


26 June 2016

Protest against the change of the Charter of the Greek Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies of Venice                     Text


14-15 May 2016

3rd Symposium

Βyzantine Macedonia. Theology - History - Philology - Law - Archaeology - Art

Thessaloniki, Society for Macedonian Studies, Ethnikis Amynes str. 4 Invitation       Programme


13-14 November 2015

18th annual meeting of Greek legal historians, Komotini

Invitation          Programme


11 November 2015

Presentation of I. Tzamtzis (2014) Mesogeiakos kosmos. Apo ton thanato tou Megalou Alexandrou eos ten dolophonia tou Iouliou Kaisara (323 - 44 p. Chr.), Athens-Thessaloniki.



November 2015 - March 2016

Byzantine and Ottoman Thessalonike (4th - 18th century) Programme


7-12 September 2015

69th session of SIHDA in Istanbul



1-4 September 2015

Symposion 2015 Coimbra - Portugal



3 June 2015

Presentation of recently published books in legal history, Thessaloniki.         Invitation


1-2 November 2014, Komotini

17th annual meeting, Komotini

Invitation            Programme


18-20 September 2014, Spetses

Symposium on Law and the Sea

Organized by the Society in cooperation with the Foundation of the Greek Parliament for Parliamentarism and Democracy.

Invitation            Programme             Participants  


16-20 September 2014

68e Societe Internationale Fernand de Visscher pour l'histoire des droits de l'antiquite, Napoli



4-5 September 2014

4th international meeting of young legal historians of ancient Greek law                                                                  Programme


23-24 June 2014

H.J. Scheltema - Symposium on Byzantine Law, Groningen     Programme


19-20 June 2014

Dienst nach Vorschrift? Vergleichende Studien zum Gnomon des Idios Logos, 3. Wiener Kolloquium zur antiken Rechtsgeschichte, 19.-20.6.2014, Vienna, Austria                                            Programme


6-7 April 2014   7th International Roman Law Moot


2013-2014  Κ.Β.Ε.  Legal History Seminar



19th-20th October 2013

16th Annual meeting of the Society  

Programme of the 16th annual meeting


September 27-28, 2013

Sector of History, Philosophy and Sociology of Law, Department of Law - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

International Conference of Young Legal Historians, Thessaloniki.



10-15 September 2013

67th session of SIHDA, Salzburg-Austria



1 June 2013

Special panel in memory of Profs Ch. K. Papastathis and K. G. Pitsakis organized in cooperation with the Greek Historical Society in Thessaloniki


23-24 May 2013

Two-day meeting on Luxury and law through history, EIE - Amphitheatre N. Zervas, Vas. Konstantinou str. 48, Athens.

Invitation                      Programma Polyteleia kai dikaio.pdf


17th January 2013

Presentation of recently published legal history books

Stoa tou Bibliou, 19:00

Invitation                  Photos     EEID Paroussiasi.MSWMM


19th-20th October 2012

15th Annual meeting of the Society        Program XV Meeting of Greek Legal Historians.docx



6-7 September 2012

International meeting of young legal historians of ancient Greek law



6 August 2012


We deeply regret to announce the untimely passing of the President of our society Prof. K. G. Pitsakis. The memorial service will take place at the Third Cemetery of Athens on Thursday 9th of August, at 15:00.


Obituary (by Athena Demopoulou)

In memoria, C. Pitsakis (by prof. E. Papagianni)




2011 - 2012   Κ.Β.Ε - Legal History Seminars           KBESeminaria.doc


26 May 2012

Virtual Roman law trial.jpg      Invitation      Results


3, 5, 24 April 2012

Δίκαιο και Ανάγκη (Ε' κύκλος εκδηλώσεων Επιστήμη και Κοινωνία)

Law and Emergency (A series of one-day meetings in the context of the program Science and Society)

Πρόγραμμα Δίκαιο και Ανάγκη.doc         Δικαιο και Ανάγκη.jpg


Video of the whole event at:


22nd October 2011:

Meeting of the Society's members - Invitation in the Greek page


20th - 22th October 2011

14th annual meeting of Legal Historians, Komotini-Greece

Programme in the Greek page


30th September - 1st October 2011

3rd international meeting of young legal historians, Thessaloniki                                                                   Deutsch   Francais


Seminar of Byzantine Law, Thessaloniki.



20 November 2010 Meeting of the Society's members


19-20 November 2010

13th annual meeting of Legal Historians, Komotini-Greece


3-4 September 2010

Deuxieme Rencontre Internatioanle des Jeunes Historiens du Droit Grec, Ancienne Universite, 5, rue Tholou - Plaka (2ème RENCONTRE INTERNATIONALE DES JEUNES HISTORIENS DU DROIT GREC)


20th May 2010

Annual event of the society in the building K. Palamas of the University of Athens (Akadimias str. 48, upper floor) at 19:00. Address by Prof.  P. J. Rhodes (Ancient History, University of Durham)


      «The Hyperides Palimpsest. Το παλίμψηστο του Υπερείδη»




Seminars on Byzantine Law, Thessaloniki, Centre for Byzantine Studies



22nd-24th October 2009

12th meeting of Greek legal historians (Programme)


May 2009

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29th November 2008

Presentation of six books on Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Postbyzantine legal  history published in 2008, Hall of the Bar Association of Thessaloniki, Vyronos and Tsimiski str., 11:00 a.m.


23rd - 25th October 2008

Eleventh (XI) meeting of Greek Legal Historians in Komotini (Faculty of Law).

Info: Prof. Maria Youni,  


12th - 13th September 2008

Première Rencontre des Jeunes Historiens du Droit Grec

Info: Dr. Athina Dimopoulou,


8 May 2008

"Sea - Commerce - Business" One-day conference dedicated to the memory of Professor of Legal History in the University of Athens, Dimitris Gofas. University of Athens, Central Ceremony Hall (morning session 10:00-13:00), Amphitheatre "I. Drakopoulos" (evening session 18:00-20:30) on Panepistemiou Str.


14 March 2008

Presentation of four recently published books on Greek legal history, at Stoa tou Bibliou, Panepistemiou str. 20:00 p.m.


18 January 2008

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